When we believe the 12 lies of the Impostor Complex, we are held back and away from putting our very best work out into the world. But when we can see them for what they are, we are free to meet our critics head on, fill the gaps we need to get filled and gather the support needed for us to activate our excellence.

By request, this is a follow up to Tanya’s previous SWE webinar: The Lies of the Impostor Complex and the Truth of Your Soul. (with Japanese subtitles)


Program Objectives
  • Review the 12 lies of the Impostor Complex (and their corresponding truths)
  • Identify techniques for how to deal with critics
  • Identify how to connect deeply with your authority and how to assemble support structures
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March 22, 2016 12:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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The Lies of the Imposter Complex, Disarming the Critics, the Power of your Authority and the Support all around you (with Japanese Subtitles)

with Japanese Subtitles

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Tanya Geisler  [ view bio ]
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