This webinar occured on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016. 

(15-30 minute webinar) Networking is one of the most critical skills to develop and maintain in order to have a successful career. Networking provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to build relationships. It is identified as THE takeaway to have from internships, research, and first jobs. However, as an emerging young professional, the real question is where to start. How can you get involved and develop your network? How do you create diversity within your network that will promote your own career aspirations? To succeed you must continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network.

Program Information
Program Date:
September 28, 2016
Program Objectives
  • Name the benefits/importance of networking
  • Identify gaps in network to focus on building
Networking for Newbies
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