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Engineering Tools to Guide Life Choices: Decision Matrices

Course Description 
When it comes to class or work assignments, navigating unknowns to meet a deadline can be an easy, linear process. However, when it comes to life’s important decisions, there can be so many factors and feelings that cause people to freeze when they should be making a choice. Particularly important career transitions can induce a state of anxiety and confusion. In this course, SWE member Alena Casella will share her experience making a decision that many engineering undergraduates go through – trying to decide between graduate school and an industry job. To combat her instinct to freeze, Alena used a decision matrix to organize her thoughts, prioritize her values, and make a choice that yielded long-term benefits. This course will use a SWE member’s personal experience with decision matrices to guide others through their own career decisions.

This course is presented by GradSWE.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify their own personal values and use them to prioritize aspects of each available choice.
  • Organize and create decision matrices to facilitate decision-making.

34 minutes
Closed Caption: English

Alena (Laney) Casella graduated from the University of Akron in 2017 in biomedical engineering, completed two co-ops at Stryker Orthopedics and one at Bettcher Industries, and is currently pursuing a PhD in biomedical engineering at the University of California, Davis. Laney is a recovering perfectionist trying to not let perfect get in the way of good enough.