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Getting the Job Done Sin Quemarte (Without Burnout)

Course Description 
Cultural biases fuel high self-expectations for Latinx and other minority groups; for example, Latinos are known for our work ethic. Combining these high expectations with navigating a career in a male-dominated field, can lead to constant sacrificing, overworking, and toxic productivity. During this presentation, you will learn some of the underlying cultural biases that are impacting Latinx and other minority groups' overall well-being and how “self-sacrifice” does not equal productivity, efficiency and getting the job done. You will learn strategies to overcome these biases. We Latinos can be successful and get the job done without burning ourselves out / sin quemárnos!

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify the common cultural biases that lead Latinx and other marginalized communities to burnout.
  • Determine what strategies can be used to overcome the biases.
  • Build a toolkit to get the job done sin quemarse (without burnout).

60 minutes
Closed Caption: English


Lennis Perez, MS ChemE, Certified Meditation Teacher & Coach, Wellness Engineer
Lennis Perez
 is a wellness engineer, international public speaker, certified meditation teacher, coach, and also certified in plant-based nutrition. She also has a Masters in Chemical Engineering. During her 16 years working in industry, she experienced first-hand the high stress and high demand STEM careers put on individuals. Through her talks, events, workshops, and mentoring work, she is teaching professionals in STEM stress management and burnout prevention tools so they can have more impact, fulfillment, and enjoy their day to day life with full overall well-being.

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