Diversity in Engineering Matters - Confronting Gender Bias - Men and Women as Diversity Partners

SWE Advance
30 Minutes
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The information within this module will help to eliminate the stereotypes of women engineers, define gender bias and how it can impact women in your organization, and provide steps to reduce bias. By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Define the term bias.
  • Identify the difference between bias and stereotype.
  • Recognize bias within themselves and others.
  • Articulate the four patterns of behaviors that prevent women from advancing in the workplace.
  • Discover various ways that organizations can help eliminate bias against women.
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Average Rating 3.5


Elizabeth Harris - 08/02/2019

good to categorize 4 patterns of bias

Theresa McDaniel - 07/01/2019

found myself in the different categories

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