WE Speaker Orientation

Valerie Bland
SWE Advance
30 Minutes

The purpose of this orientation is to provide essential information to help you have a successful session at WE19. All speakers must follow the guidelines outlined in this orientation; failure to follow the guidelines may prevent you from speaking at future SWE events.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize best practices for speaking to an adult audience. 
  • Identify the recommended steps to prepare your session. 
  • Identify the available SWE speaker resources that you can download and use.


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Average Rating 4.6


Alexa Rossi - 10/18/2019

Great content! Helpful to prepare the presentation! :)

Nidhi Kapate - 09/16/2019

Very clear and thorough, but not bogged down with details

Francine Reyes - 09/15/2019

Not too long and very helpful!

Lori Morrish - 09/11/2019

It was very informative and not too long. Thanks.

Megan Hindes - 09/09/2019

As a first-time lightning talk speaker this covered all my questions and gave some solid guidelines about putting together a good talk.

Johnny Wells - 09/06/2019

Very well done. Concise and very helpful to know what to expect on the formats for the sessions.

Kelly Weikel - 07/18/2019

Very good! As a first-time speaker, this was very concise, structured, and helpful.

Kerry Bellefontaine - 07/16/2019

Good baseline for speakers, general best practices and quick to step through it.

Brianna LaBarge - 10/12/2018

Good content, however the very small plus signs (+) on lesson 4 are easily missed!

Sucheta Kulkarni - 09/26/2018

Very helpful in preparing for the session. Although, did not find a section on "Hands on Session"

Mackenzie Sissel - 09/25/2018

Sending via an email would be helpful!

Ester Marie Barbuto - 09/24/2018

Material was helpful and it was quick to complete

Jill Murfin - 09/20/2018

Nice reminder on what to expect as a speaker during the conference!

Dawn Murphy - 09/20/2018

Goal of understanding best practices and expectation of speakers at event was achieved

Whitney Booze - 09/20/2018

Material is a decent introduction to basic presentation skills and expectations.

Karen Ramsey-Idem - 09/19/2018

This material provides clear and complete explanations for preparing WE18 session materials.

Shelby Freese - 09/19/2018

Concise, to the point and very informative! Thank you for making me complete this before the conference!

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