Introduction to the WE Local Awards Program

Jessica Anderson
SWE Advance
36 Minutes

This webinar will help attendees learn about the new WE Local awards program being implemented in FY19. It will include details about what awards are included in the new program, how to apply, and give information about the application deadlines and procedures.

By the end of this session, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the purpose and motivation behind the new WE Local awards.
  2. Identify where they can get further information about WE Local awards and where to get applications and application details.
  3. Identify award(s) that could be appropriate for them, colleagues and other SWE members, and/or their SWE groups.


Jessica has been involved in SWE since she joined as a collegiate member at Utah State University. She has served as a section treasurer and section president, as well as the awards chair for Region i. During FY18, Jessica was the chair of the WE Local Awards Task Force, which had the responsibility to develop a new system of awards to complement WE Local conferences and provide additional recognition opportunities for SWE members and supporters.



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Ramona Anand - 09/26/2018

good explanation and new awards

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