WE18 CEU Session: WINning Them Over: Leveraging a Womens Network Across a Corporation

Face-to-Face Learning
Lori Kahn
CEU : 0.1
PDH : 1

This live session will be held at SWE's WE18 Conference in Minneapolis, MN on Friday, October 19, 2018. Location details available below and on the WE18 schedule.


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Within engineering companies, women’s networks have emerged organically to address women’s workplace concerns and provide an opportunity to connect and grow professionally.  At Lockheed Martin (LM), the Women’s Impact Network (WIN) started as a grassroots effort at multiple sites within five separate business areas, operating independently until 2016 when the corporation reinforced the value of working as one team.  Two LM business areas led the way by collaborating amongst their sites first and others have followed.   By 2017, WIN representatives from all business areas came together to develop a universal mission statement and address key focus areas for 2018.  In this panel discussion, WIN leaders representing each business area will share the benefits of collaboration from within and across the LM Corporation and best practices for engagement of both women and men in their activities, including collaboration with other employee resource groups in order to create a more inclusive workplace.

By the end of this session, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe how to improve ERG organizational effectiveness within a corporation through collaboration across sites/business areas    
  2. Identify best practices for engagement of women and men through corporate women's networks/ERGs to improve diversity and inclusion
  3. Recognize the benefits of participation and leadership growth within a corporate women’s network.


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