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Fitting DEIBA Into My Multi Faceted Role in Academia

Course Description
We need to be intentional about the integration of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and accessibility (DEIBA) in our professional lives. In this course, participants will engage in a myriad of activities to identify where and how DEIBA can be integrated into their professional goals as it relates to research, teaching, and service at multiple stages of their career: post-doctorate, pre-tenure, and post-tenure. A gap analysis identifying the components of an equity-minded syllabus will be explored, and a template syllabus will be created during this course. Participants will also participate in an interactive exercise that will demonstrate how to incorporate diverse perspectives or skills into research initiatives.

Duration: 60 minutes


Dr. Fatima Alleyne is the director of Community Engagement and Inclusive Practices in the College of Engineering (COE) at UC Berkeley. She brings her passion and love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and education into her work to lead a strategic planning process; foster a positive, inclusive unit culture; develop programs that promote equity; and increase access and opportunities to those who have historically been underrepresented in STEM. She also started a consulting group, FA Consulting, and brings a wealth of experience to serve her clients well.


Special thanks to the ALWE program sponsor Henry Luce Foundation.