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Panel Discussion on Work from Home Opportunities and Challenges

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Course Description 
The panel discussion explores the opportunities and challenges involved in Work from Home (WFH). Listen to STEM Leaders from India who share their opinions and insights to tackle the following:
1. Why we agree to work-related meetings outside of normal work hours
2. Making household responsibilities a norm between partners during WFH
3. Things to do during WFH that the panelists found valuable. As in Certifications, Virtual volunteering, Mentoring, Hobby, Self-care routine, etc
4. Advice to parents and caregivers while WFH
5. How to tackle being talked over, interrupted, or ignored during virtual meetings

This course was hosted by the SWE Global Affiliates as part of the SWE India.

Duration: 60 minutes

Geetu Garg is an application architect with IBM working in the cloud area and involved in various leadership and mentoring activities. Geetu says she would like to grow SWE to higher levels and bring in her expertise to the best use.

Neha Varma is currently leading the product tailoring & fuel system integration teams for the engine business engineering for Cummins in India. She has been at the helm of a community development project for hearing impaired children in Pune & actively mentors students from the SWE chapter of Cummins college of Engineering for women.

Swathi Pennapareddy is working as a technical product owner at Boeing, India with 16 years of professional experience which includes 14 years of aerospace expertise. She is a Private Pilot License holder. A post grad in Electronics & comm engineering and an MBA in Aviation Management. She is currently pursuing PhD in Aerospace Engineering. A member of SWE core committee within the organization and a member of WE Local Bengaluru 2019 review committee.