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Applications of Integrating Physics and Chemistry with AI

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Course Description 
Augmented Intelligence is the key to driving rapid business value with AI. It’s a technology to supplement and support human intelligence, with humans remaining at the center of the decision-making process. It helps in aiding and accelerating the generative design process, whereby a human inputs the parameters and the machine finds countless ways of designing the object. The machine explores a plethora of options in record time and the human uses their expertise to select the best option, delivering value to customers and boosting efficiency. The ultimate goal of Augmented Intelligence systems is to augment the work, expertise and experience of any user from a customer to a field worker to a CEO by empowering them with machines that continually access, interpret, apply, and learn from the meaning hidden within all forms of data.

This course was hosted by a SWE Global Affiliate as part of the SWE India Webinar Series.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Define augmented intelligence.
  • Identify AI applications in physics and chemistry research.
  • Recognize industrial examples and usage of augmented intelligence.

Duration: 42 minutes

Suchismitha Sanyal is currently the General Manager, Computational Science at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore, leading a team of 50+ researchers in delivering computational solutions to Shell in close collaboration with experiments and data. A metallurgist by training, Suchismita brings in 19+ years of corporate R&D experience with GE and Shell and specializes in advanced computational techniques for accelerated discovery of materials and systems design. Her other passion includes exploring innovation tools for project excellence: Suchismita is a trained level-3 expert in TRIZ (Russian acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) methodology. She has 5 patents and 15+ peer-reviewed journal publications to her credit. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, Suchismita has been involved in driving technical women’s network activities across Shell and GE and is an active participant in external networks such as Society of Women Engineers and Confederation of Indian Industry.