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Communication Cues Series 2: Positive Non-Verbals

Course Description 
Communication skills can make or break professional career advancement. Communication is an essential leadership quality and is as important as technical skills. Learn to recognize how self-limiting thinking patterns, unconscious gender stereotyping, and habitual body language can sabotage your career, even as you transition to the workplace. Learn ways to accelerate your self-awareness, ability to connect to others in productive ways, and confidence building skills so that you can develop professional, practical communication abilities that lead to greater success in business and personal relationships. This course is presented as part of the Communication Cues web series.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify skills to shift some of the more common self-sabotaging body language cues.
Duration: 46 minutes
Closed Caption: English

Valencia Ray, M.D. is a 'Science with Soul', Mind-Body Integrative/Functional Medicine physician, who has a truly holistic lifestyle approach to general health, vitality, and well-being. ‘Science’, includes leading edge Food as Medicine and cognitive neuroscience-based therapies…that considers your 'Soul' - your unique human person and needs. She combines her professional training in mindset coaching therapies to address such common challenges as anxiety, mild depression, assertiveness/confidence issues, insomnia, and weight loss alongside her medical training to help others to empower themselves to reverse physical disease and create well-being and vitality within their lives. This is the path to true vibrant health, wholeness, and a confident, thriving life - Mind, Body, and Spirit.