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College to Corporate Transition & Introduction to Aerospace

Course Description 
This webinar will guide you while transitioning from College to Corporate life. Also, Insights on aerospace industry and its career prospects are shared by the Avionics Engineering leaders of Rockwell Collins who provide avionics and information technology systems and services to government agencies and aircraft manufacturers.

This course was hosted by the SWE Global Affiliate, SWE SVECW Affiliate, as part of the SWE India Webinar Series.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Recognize how to be prepared for campus to corporate transition.
  • Explain basic knowledge on the aviation and aerospace industry.
  • Identify the criteria and requirements to pursue a career in aerospace.

 89 minutes

Lavanya Satish, Avionics Engineering Leader
Lavanya Satish is the avionics engineering leader at Rockwell Collins in Hyderabad. She has over 16 years of technical and leadership experience in the industry. Lavanya began her career in aerospace back with Honeywell in 2001. She joined Rockwell Collins in 2008 and has been with the company since.

Renuka Kolagi, Avionics Engineering Leader
Renuka Kolagi is a leader with over 14 years of IT industry experience. She has served multiple domains, such as aerospace, storage and consumer electronics in various organizations, such as Collins Aerospace, HCL and Microsoft. She is urrently serving as avionics engineering leader in Collins Aerospace as part of Flight Management System Department. She is also serving as member of committee to work on empowering women employees and ensuring that Women have a safe and harassment free work environment.

Jaibir Singh, Avionics Engineering Leader 
Jaibir Singh is a leader with 11 years of experience in aerospace domain with hands on experience in design and development of various software products for aircraft cockpit systems. He holds a master's degree in avionics and has a private pilot license from DGCA, India. Jaibir also holds 2 granted patents in the field of cockpit technology and is currently serving as avionics engineering leader in Collins Aerospace as part of the Flight Management System Department. He is also serving as the member of Aeronautical Society of India and MBSE, INCOSE India Chapter and driving innovation and MBSE initiatives.