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Succeeding in the Face of Doubt: Lessons in Leadership for Women in Academia

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Course Description 
In an era of rapid growth, constant innovation, rising complexity in the way we work, university and organizational leaders increasingly realize the critical role strategic leadership plays in generating better outcomes. Given the current challenges plaguing higher education - namely: COVID-19, fluctuating enrollments, declining philanthropic giving, rising cost of education, diminishing state support, and increased racial tensions - the preparation of the next cadre of academic leadership is both critical and necessary. This course will offer participants a window into what it takes to succeed in leadership as a woman in academia and provide practical strategies for navigating obstacles to obtaining leadership roles.

Learning Outcomes
After participating, attendees should be able to:
  • Identify qualities, characteristics, experiences, and expertise necessary for success in leadership positions.
  • Recognize strategies to lead from one’s current position while advocating for one’s own advancement into leadership positions
  • Identify and utilize strategies for dealing with challenges embedded within institutional structures and systems that may be detrimental or a hindrance to women progressing into academic leadership positions.

90 minutes

Dr. Stephanie Adams is the Dean of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas, Dallas. She is passionate about sharing her experience as a woman of color in academic leadership and will discuss how her intersecting identities have been a challenge and an opportunity as an academic leader. Stephanie's story is sure to offer encouragement to participate in higher education leadership and service.


Special thanks to the ALWE program sponsor Henry Luce Foundation.