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Women in Leadership: Delegation and Support

Course Description 
A major barrier to leadership development is an inability to recruit sufficient support in the process. Managers can spend too much time “in the weeds” doing everything themselves in all areas of life, which prevents them from making more strategic contributions. They also tend to disable colleagues and the people who work for them by shouldering the responsibility and the experience.

Skillsets Covered:
  • Delegation of decisions
  • Creating team effectiveness
  • Strategic work prioritization

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Define why delegation is important to increasing your leadership impact
  • Identify which activities and decisions you should delegate
  • Strategize how work is delegated through prioritizing tasks

 60 minutes

 Jodi Detjen is an accomplished organizational consultant, educator, and published author with a foundation in operational change management. Her mission is to help realize inclusion in the workplace as soon as possible. In addition to being Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Orange Grove Consulting, Jodi is Associate Professor of Practice in Management and Academic MBA Program Director at Suffolk University, Boston, MA. She has worked in organizational development for over 25 of years transforming the way people work at small and large companies. Jodi designs top-tier women’s leadership training, consults and runs workshops for clients, and is a highly sought-after speaker and writer for organizations.

Jodi earned her B.Sc. in Management Science from Virginia Tech, an MA in International Development Policy from Duke University and a Doctorate in Business Administration at Temple University. 


This project is based upon work partially supported by the generosity of the Henry Luce Foundation.