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Introduction to SWE's First Membership Culture Study

Course Description 
Learn about the recent membership culture study launched by the SWE Board of Directors (BOD) to accelerate SWE's strategic goals for diversity, equity, inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B). The study will inform the BOD and other SWE leaders of the current membership culture, including what members want more or less of to authentically engage in SWE activities.

Learning Outcomes
In this online seminar, members will be able to:
  • Recognize why a culture study was chosen to advance SWE DEI&B goals, including why SWE is conducting the study now, when the study will launch, and when results will be available.
  • Identify how the culture study is different from the annual member survey.
  • Recognize the kind of data that will be collected in the culture study and how it will be used.
  • Describe what good looks like for the organizational culture of a membership organization.

17 minutes


Beth Michaels is the president of Primer, Michaels (since 1987), a management consulting firm specializing in: Organization and Culture Development, Strategic Goal Setting and Effective Execution, and Board and Leadership Team Development

Beth brings 30 years of experience to her clients. She has deep expertise and experience with senior executives and their teams, working with them to ensure high quality organizational outcomes.
Beth brings a fresh perspective that integrates the core elements of successful leadership with the realities of human nature. Her clients boost their leadership impact with goals that translate into actionable steps.
In 2013, Beth’s facilitative leadership work was recognized with an Edison Award for Innovation in social impact, for her work with Rotary International (the complete restructuring of the Rotary Foundation). Another keystone nonprofit project was leading the Society of Women Engineers’ first national culture study to identify new insights for attracting and retaining female leaders.
Beth is certified in the Myers-Briggs preferences inventory, the Hogan Personality Assessments, and the Barrett Values Centre corporate culture assessment. She is described as having “uncommon common sense” with her ability to bring disparate groups together for durable consensus and realistic action planning.