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Diversity Drivers: 5 keys to Recruiting and Retaining women in STEM

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Course Description 
Moore will share the five key areas to consider as you build your roadmap to attract and retain women of color to your brand. She’ll highlight:
  • How to truly listen to, discover, and leverage what your top candidates and current employees want
  • How to address existing inequities
  • Who you need to include in your discussions in order to unlock these strategies
  • How to create intentional recruitment and retainment programs
  • How to best let the world know about your commitment to diversity

54 minutes


Meredith Leigh Moore – the woman who led McDonald’s to build the most diverse senior leadership team in the company’s history. As president of Leverette Weekes, a national leadership development and communications agency, Moore guides her clients to create an inclusive corporate brand and ecosystem that will be sought out by top female and BIPOC engineering talent.

Cindy R. Kent - An industrial engineer with an MBA in Marketing as well as a Master of Divinity degree. Kent has spent her entire career in healthcare – serving in a variety of functions. Kent currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Everly Health. Kent will bring the engineer’s perspective and will engage us in a conversation about how to stand out as an employer of choice.