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Best of WE London 2022

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Course Description 
Presented here are five of the best presentations from 2022's WE London conference:
The Agile Inclusion Paradox: How to Build Inclusive Engineering Teams
Duration: 43 minutes
Not only are women and people from minoritised ethnicities known to be underrepresented in engineering and technology careers, they often have slower career progression and increased likelihood of leaving this career path altogether.
Despite growing recognition of the importance of diversity, and a growing portfolio of interventions, progress is at a crawl. Yet Agile and Lean methodologies, widely adopted in tech and engineering, appear to match many best practices advised for building inclusion. So, why then, do we have such a pipeline problem? In this session Jo Stansfield examines factors behind this “Agile Inclusion Paradox”, and presents her original research findings that explain why, by itself, adoption of Agile is not enough. She explains how tech and engineering teams can take advantage of Agile and Lean practices to consciously build greater inclusion, and unlock the potential for all team members to thrive.

Designing the Future
Duration: 8 minutes
The impact on how we work, consume and interact has never been under greater scrutiny. Understanding where your work, consumer habits and personal choices effect the environment are the fundamental foundations to improving material use and waste management. This snap session facilitates a space for the listener to revisit their sustainable goals and recognise the challenges currently inhibiting progress. Through understanding these challenges, informed action can be taken.

Effective Communication: How to Build Relationships Virtually
40 minutes
Non-verbal communication is responsible for 93% of the message conveyed. This communication part is completely lost in a virtual environment, correct? Can we even build relationships efficiently via the screen? Learn how to build trust and connections in a virtual working environment – no matter the distance, the time zone and your experience level. Understand why it is even more important to control and effectively use your non-verbal communication tools when working remotely. Current virtual communication challenges and solutions how to overcome these will be embedded in this session.

Master of None: Why Technology Leaders Need to be Multipotentialites
42 minutes
We tend to celebrate specialists while generalists are rarely given the same revere. However problems are seldom limited to one domain or expertise. Multipotentialites are defined as people of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in many different fields. Drawing on her own experiences, Afiya Chohollo discusses why multipotentialites are crucial within the rapidly changing technological landscape and are key enablers of innovation. To innovate effectively, you require tools to break down technical complexities AND the ability to bring technologists together from diverse perspectives.
Deep technical specialism is vital but equally important is breath of technical acumen. This acumen, the ability to work across different technologies or problem spaces, is the secret weapon to Afiya’s leadership success.This talk discusses how you can hone these skills and use them to your advantage in situations where you are not the expert in the room but you are the leader or even founder.

What a Man Gotta Do? A Modern Look at Male Allyship 
Duration: 17 minutes
According to the SWE, woman make up roughly 14% of the engineering workforce and therefore leveraging effective male allyship is critical to driving DEI. COVID-19 has created a seismic shift in the foundations of the modern professional work environment with fundamental changes in both how and where we work. In this snap session I will therefore discuss both the opportunities and the challenges that this transition presents for male allyship. I will explore what effective male allyship looks like and establish how it can be executed no matter what level of an organisation you occupy. Audience members should leave feeling informed and inspired with clear next steps they can take to drive male allyship regardless of their own gender.
Non-Members: $145
SWE Members: Free