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Practical Approaches to Responsible AI

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Course Description 
Everyone has a role to play in making the usage of Artificial Intelligence ethical and responsible as users and developers of the technology. As per Morning Consult’s IBM Global AI Index 2021, over 90 percent of businesses using AI say Trustworthy and explainable AI is critical to business. If not designed with responsible considerations of fairness, transparency, preserving privacy, safety, and security, AI systems can cause significant harm to people and society and result in monetary and reputation loss for companies. Enabling ethical and equitable AI requires a comprehensive approach around people, processes, systems, data and algorithms. What are the pillars of responsible AI? How can we incorporate responsible AI principles in every phase of AI solution development, from concept to deployment? In this talk, we will discuss practical approaches to incorporate responsible AI principles with tools, frameworks and industry case studies.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify pillars of responsible AI such as fairness, transparency, inclusion, security, safety and sustainability and why they matter.
  • Define human-centric approach to developing AI Solutions.
  • Implement ethical AI solutions as developers, users or advocates.

60 minutes
Closed Caption: English


Mrinal Karvir (She/Her) leads Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge, a platform that provides instant remote access to deploy AI applications on the latest Intel hardware and software platforms. Edge AI and Vision Alliance named the DevCloud - 2020 Vision Product of the Year. She manages an engineering organization responsible for driving AI Solutions, Telemetry, Security, and Infrastructure functions. She has managed teams that developed innovative solutions in AI and contextual awareness and led the development of the world’s first presence-aware PC experience with Intel® Context Sensing Technology. As an Ethical AI Champion at Intel, she provides leadership and clarity on responsible AI practices. She serves as the Vice-Chair for the IEEE WIE SCV Chapter. She also serves as ABET Program Evaluation to improve the quality of technical education.

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