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Transforming Together: Change Management Best Practices for Teams

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Course Description

Dealing with change and understanding the impact of change is a high priority for all organisations. Change management tools can be used by anyone involved in the change process in a business environment. They can be used for leaders that need to implement change or for staff that need to appreciate the change process. This presentation will help you tackle change more effectively at a personal level and understand the key steps and considerations involved to be an effective leader in times of change.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the phases of change and determine what phase you are in, where others might be and what you can do to support them
  • Identify why people are resistant to change and know what you can do to overcome this
  • Develop a model to effectively manage change

Duration: 60 minutes
Closed Caption: English


  • Smita Tharoor, CIPD, PGCE, NLP, Coach (She/Her)

    Smita Tharoor is a motivational keynote speaker and thought leader on the Unconscious Bias and how it influences all of us. Smita has spoken at conferences all over the world from Philadelphia to Penang with Berlin and Bangalore in the middle. She talks about emotional resilience, change management, leading in times of uncertainty and other similar topics all embedded by our unconscious bias. She is the co-founder of Culturelytics a company that uses artificial intelligence to understand culture in an organisation and the founder of Tharoor Associates, a training, coaching and organisational development company. She is a TEDx speaker, Broadcaster, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Mindfulness Practitioner and Associate Lecturer. In her podcast, Stories Seldom Told she has interviewed people around the world to share their stories and life lessons on how they manage their unconscious biases. It currently has the global ranking of being in the top 5% of podcasts listened out of 1.8 million podcasts and is heard in 107 countries .

March 27, 2024
Wed 9:00 AM CDT

Duration 1H 0M

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