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Resolve Team Tension: Communication Tools for the Conflict-Averse Leader

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Course Description
People often avoid conflict because they get insecure about what will happen when they address it. In fact, they'll bend over backwards to find alternate solutions - more meetings, sternly worded emails, leadership books or team bonding seminars - just to keep from looking the issue in the eye and addressing it directly in service of finding a solution. But these conflicts won't go away on their own. The truth is, the longer they're ignored, the bigger problem it becomes, resulting in resentment, defensiveness, stagnation, and ultimately keeping your team from gelling and reaching their true, awesome potential.

In this session you'll learn what to do BEFORE you start the conversation and establish a foundation of compassionate thoughtful preparation to set yourself up for success. You'll walk away with strategies for how to open and conduct the conversation in a constructive way to generate buy-in and result in a healthy and positive work culture, and understand the 6 Keys to Impactful Communication, designed to embody a tone of clarity and confidence, in service of lowering your stress level and level-up productivity, collaboration and growth.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify the benefits of addressing conflict directly and quickly
  • Develop a structured approach for conducting conflict conversations, providing them with a framework to follow during these potentially stressful
  • Enhance their self-confidence in communication skills and capabilities, leading to more effective and assertive communication in various contexts

Duration:  60 minutes
Closed Caption:  English

Speaker Bio

Kelly Whitaker (she/her)

Kelly Whitaker is a communication coach and head of Kelly Convos, partnering with conflict-averse individuals to confidently and compassionately conduct difficult conversations in service of growth and problem-solving. Her coaching is motivated by a lifetime of Radical Honesty combined with a rowdy career path as a tour guide, fundraiser, event planner, Disaster Response trainer, recruiter, and actor blended with the desire to train people to problem solve within their own lives and take the fear out of communication. She is educated by the Inner Glow Circle, an ICF-certified coaching accreditation program, and a proud graduate of the 2022 Leaders Rising Cohort.

This course is based upon work partially supported by the generosity of RTX.

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